Last-minute holiday shoppers are filling stores, buying final gifts

People are filling up their shopping carts as Christmas is coming soon

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, you're not alone. The clock is ticking though, to get those last-minute presents.

Parking lots were full of cars and people were wheeling out gifts for their loved ones as last-minute shoppers rushed to get everything done before Tuesday.

Walmart is one of the busiest stores during the final days leading up to Christmas.

One couple said they are glad they didn't put off shopping any longer.

"It was really hard to find shoes. Yeah, a lot of things sold out.  It wasn't like a battlefield but things were everywhere," said last-minute shoppers Christopher Castro and Samantha Ancheta.

They said they have a plan and try to stick to it.

"Know what you want beforehand, make a list and (shop) the sooner the better. It might not be there tomorrow," they said.

Another couple said they were surprised that the store wasn't as crowded as they had expected on Sunday. 

"Yesterday, there was a lot of people at the mall, so Saturday was the big one. Yes, Saturday was crazy," said last-minute shopper Kevin Blair.

A new survey from the National Retail Federation said people who have completed half or less of their holiday shopping have a variety of reasons for the delay. 

Forty-two percent said they were still deciding what to buy while 26 percent blame other financial priorities and being busy for their procrastination. The survey said 5 percent of people will not be done shopping in time for Christmas Day.



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