Help kids establish a routine for doing homework

Homework routines can help kids stay organized


For younger kids, getting them to do homework each evening can be a challenge. Get tips here on how to help your grade school student establish a homework routine.

Create a study space: Establish a spot in your house where your child can do his or her homework each day. It might be in the kitchen or at the dining room table, or another place where your child has enough room to work but is also close enough to a parent in case he or she needs help.

Do homework at the same time each day: Get your son or daughter in the habit of doing homework at the same time each day. Try to encourage your child to do his or her homework when they get home from school. Give your child a snack and talk to him or her about their day to help them unwind a bit, and then have them do their homework. This will get your child in the habit of completing his or her homework early in the day so they are not up late at night trying to finish assignments.

Help them prioritize assignments: Help your child establish a schedule of when he or she will do each assignment. If it’s a long-term assignment, help them set up short-term goals to ensure they are starting the project and staying on track. If it’s daily homework, help your child determine if he or she wants to tackle the harder, longer homework first or get the easier, quicker assignments out of the way.

Get them an assignment notebook: Get your child in the routine of writing down each of his or her homework assignments in a notebook or calendar. This will ensure your child won’t forget about an assignment, and it will also help him or her establish long-term planning for larger projects or upcoming tests.