How to encourage your kids to read this summer


Over the summer months when school isn’t in session, it’s still important for kids to read. If kids don’t read then they risk regressing when they restart school in the fall. Use these tips to help encourage your kids to read this summer.

Let your kids choose their books: To get kids excited about reading, let them choose the books they want to read. If the kids are interested in the book, then they are more likely to read it.

Give your child incentives: Rewarding your child for completing a certain amount of books can help encourage him or her to keep reading. You can reward the child after each book with such things like extra trips to the playground, a play date, extra time with their favorite toy, or maybe even watching a movie that might be based on the book.

Get book recommendations: Get tips from the local library, book store or other parents about what books kids your child’s age might enjoy reading.