What’s a good ACT or SAT score?


As high school students start to think about college, many are studying for the ACT or SAT exams. What’s considered a good score on the two college placement tests?

The ACT is out of a possible 36 points. The national average on the ACT is between 20 and 21. However, while a score of about 20 or 21 will get the student into a number of colleges, the score likely won’t be good enough to get into a more selective school. Some of the top schools in the country have applicants with scores over 30.

On the SAT, 2400 is considered a perfect score. The national average is 1500. More selective schools will look for students who scored around the top 25 percent on their SAT, or closer to 2000.

Students should keep in mind that good grades and good college applications can help overcome a lower ACT or SAT score.