Best ways to propose


When asking the woman of your dreams to be your wife you want to make sure you make it memorable and special. Consider using these ideas from TheKnot.com to make your proposal a success.

Public proposal ideas

Before you go with a public proposal, make sure your girlfriend is the type of person who wants to be proposed to in public. While some girls might love to see a proposal light up the sky in fireworks, others might want something more private.

-          Create a scavenger hunt and at the end let you find you down on one knee.

-          Throw a party with your friends and family and let her enjoy your proposal with all of her loved ones.

-          Have a caricaturist draw the two of you and have the artist include your proposal in the drawing.

Private proposal ideas

If your girlfriend prefers a more private or intimate proposal, consider some of these ideas.

-          Recreate Monica and Chandler’s proposal from “Friends” by lighting up your home or apartment with candles to set the stage for a romantic proposal.

-          Put the engagement ring in her jewelry box in place of the jewelry she normally wears. When she sees it in the morning surprise her with a proposal.

-          Write a love note with a proposal in it and hide it on her pillow or at the breakfast table. When she reads it get down on one knee and present her with the ring.


Creative proposal ideas

If you’re looking for a unique proposal, consider these ideas.

-          Create your own crossword puzzle that includes your proposal.

-          Spell your proposal out in magnets on the refrigerator.

-          Play Scrabble or Hang Man and spell out your proposal.