Watch for warning signs of Alzheimer's

Forgetting things, misplacing items just some of the signs


Are you realizing that you tend to forget things more easily or are constantly misplacing items? You may be thinking that you have some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

It is quite normal to forget things on times and to misplace items that you need and when you find them you can't remember putting them in a different place. When this becomes a daily occurrence and increases dramatically, then it could be a warning sign of Alzheimer's disease.

There are basically ten warning signs of Alzheimer's disease. These are:


This does not merely refer to forgetting names or not remembering simple things. It refers to forgetting blocks of information that is important to your life, such as forgetting how to fill out a check or forgetting how to do your banking.

Difficulty In Performing Basic Tasks

This can refer to day-to-day activities that a person performed in a robotic fashion because they were such a normal part of daily life. It can include such simple tasks as forgetting how to wash the dishes or make a bed.

Speech Problems

One of the warning signs of Alzheimer's disease deals with a person's inability to remember one's language. Quite often Alzheimer's patients forget certain words and substitute ones that do not make sense in the sentence or make statements that have no relation to the topic being discussed.


People with Alzheimer's often become lost in their own neighborhoods and often in their own homes. They do not realize that they are actually at home and constantly request to go home. When you take them outside and back into the house again, then they recognize certain things and are more at ease.

Decreased Judgment

Judgment becomes a problem for those with Alzheimer's and for this reason, when one is diagnosed with the disease, he/she is not permitted to drive. A decrease in judgment comes into play when an Alzheimer's patient forgets the rules of the road. These patients also have a decrease in judgment when cooking and often burn food by turning the stove up too high.

Misplacing Things

While misplacing things is normal, one of the warning signs of Alzheimer's disease is constant misplacement of commonly used items. An Alzheimer patient, for example, may put the cutlery in the refrigerator instead of the drawer. Sometimes, they complain of not being able to find something they are looking for and it is right in front of them.

Mood Swings

Alzheimer's patients experience rapid mood swings and a wide range of changes in behavior. They can be perfectly happy one minute and very angry the next for no apparent reason.

Personality Changes

Those with Alzheimer's often change in personality and engage in behavior that was previously unheard of. A religious person may suddenly start swearing and using foul language. A person who was usually quiet may become loud and obnoxious.

Lack Of Motivation

Not having any inclination to do anything may be normal for a time when a person works too hard and just wants a rest. However, one of the warning signs of Alzheimer's disease to look for is when a person who previously had lots of energy now seems content to lie down and sleep all the time.

If you notice any of these signs occurring in a loved one, or if you notice that they apply to you, then you should seek medical attention for assessment tests to see whether or not you are developing this debilitating disease.