Get tips for building your kids' math skills this summer




It might be summer vacation for school kids, but that doesn’t mean kids should take a break from building their math skills.


Try these tips to help your child keep learning over the summer months.


Have fun with numbers: Incorporate numbers into your daily activities. If at the park or on a walk, have your child count items around him or her. Have fun by baking, and have your child add up the measurements to add into the batter.


Measure everyday items: Have your child practice measurements by using the ruler to measure items around the house.


Work with money: When at the store, have your child pay the cashier to practice making counting dollar bills and coins. Also have them tell you much change the cashier should give them back.


Practice flashcards: Make going through flashcards part of your daily routine with your child. This will keep him or her fresh on their math facts. You can also find hand-held math games for the children to play, or even download apps on your phone or other devices.