How to help kids deal with social issues




When kids deal with social issues at school it can be heartbreaking for children and their parents. Here are some tips on how to handle problems between your child and his or her friends.


Invite your child’s friends to your home: To get to know your child’s friends well invite them over to your home or organize play dates so you can learn more about them. This also keeps you clued in as to who your child is hanging around at school.


Meet their friends’ parents: In addition to getting familiar with your child’s friends, also make sure you get to know their parents. This will help you feel more comfortable letting your child spend time at their friends’ homes, and gives you a better idea of who your child’s friends are.


Let your child try to resolve friend problems: According to PBS, kids typically learn how to handle their friendships on their own without help from their parents. PBS recommends that parents listen to their child when he or she has a problem, but for the most part let them try to resolve the issue on their own so they can learn and develop skills. You can help your child by asking them questions such as “what do you think you should do?” instead of telling them what to do.


Friends are more important than popularity: According to PBS, it’s important that parents put a higher value on kids finding good, quality friends rather than trying to seek out friends based just on their popularity.


Consider both sides of the conflict: PBS reminds parents to always consider that there are two sides to every conflict. When your child tells you his or her side, try to look at the problem fairly and weigh both sides before forming a judgment.