Jacksonville University takes 904 Mission Million Challenge

Live Healthy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Jacksonville University is making efforts to churn out healthy conscientious students.  Just last month, it took the Healthy Campus Pledge which means the University is taking a detailed look at the university's practices related to health, fitness, nutrition and much more.

The efforts are right in line with the larger citywide 904 Mission One Million campaign.

 JU's four areas of focus are fitness and wellness, academics, the environment and social responsibility.  The goal is for the university to be known as an environment of wellness where good, healthy decisions are just part of everyday life.

The school has several success stories already where students and faculty are losing and winning big.        

Sharon Frazier is is one of the losers. She's the orthodontic clinic administrator at Jacksonville University.  She's now all in when it comes to exercise, but she wasn't always.

"I thought it was a crock. I mean I had been trying to lose weight, change eating habits. But didn't think exercise was that important," says Frazier.

But with the combination of diet and exercise over time she lost 100 pounds.

"It's been great. It's given me a 'woosaw' moment to exercise during the middle of the work day," says Frazier.

Jacksonville University gives her the time and space to get those workouts in during the work day.  JU president Tim Cost says it's just part of being a Healthy Campus.

"We started the Healthy Campus program here at JU to pull together in one place and recognize all the efforts between environmental work, academic work, fitness and wellness and social responsibility. It's been an exciting program in its first year," says Cost.

The school is also pulling together resources on campus and working with outside experts like the American Heart Association and the City of Jacksonville.  The 904 Mission One Million city wide campaign was a natural connection.  It encourages residents to get healthy and drop weight, and so far more than 79,000 pounds have been shed.  

Frazier's pounds are in that number, and others are encouraged to log their goals and weight loss as well.  JU student Alyssa Arnold simply stands up.

"I kinda enjoy it. Rather than sitting down.  You might find you're not in good posture. So standing up. Keeps you straight," says Arnold.

It's a partnership that seems to be working citywide with individuals, businesses, and now college students taking the challenge and making it their own.

There are three easy steps to sign up click 904 Mission One Million.

  • Complete the website registration
  • Commit to your weight loss goal
  • Log in to enter your weight and track your progress

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