This doughnut shop delivers — by scary clown

Want to scare the shprinkles out of a friend?

Image from Hurts Donuts Instagram.

What goes with doughnuts? Scary clowns, of course! Wait, what? It is October, so that makes sense.

Also, who doesn’t love scaring the bejeezus out of their friends this time of year?

Hurts Donuts gets that. During the entire month of October, it will hand deliver, by scary clown, your favorite doughnuts.

The doughnut shop chain has 19 locations across the U.S., and is expanding as we speak.

After you find the location closest to where you are, you can call and schedule your scary delivery.

The company says it is in “the relentless pursuit of really, really really, freaking good donuts.”

It sounds like it is also in the relentless pursuit of giving some of us a really, really, really good laugh (or scare).


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