Advent calendars that are sweet and treats this Christmas

Which calendars do you want to celebrate the season with?

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Seriously, is there a better way to count down to Christmas than Advent calendars?

The timeless and treasured Christmas tradition for families is like no other, and it also takes on many shapes, sizes and designs. 

It always makes anyone feel like a kid in a candy store (literally and figuratively), and there are plenty of Advent calendars to choose from. 

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Bavarian scene Advent calendars

Want to light up the night around your house? Then you’ll love these crafted wooden calendars that feature lighted Bavarian scenes and 24 numbered drawers for placing candy or miniature gifts as kids count down the days. Even better, these are calendars that can be reused EVERY year. 

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It might not be "Frosty," but this Advent calendar in the shape of a snowman will still bring plenty of joy to your household. Made out of handmade wood, this calendar will last for many years and be a great way to count down to Christmas. 

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Pre-lit wooden calendar decoration

If you desire to have light for six hours, then this calendar is the perfect item for you. It has a timer that goes for six hours, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off or on manually. The red is a perfect theme for Christmas, as is the snow-dusted trees and lodges on top. The 24 drawers are perfect for putting notes or candy inside. 

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Tree-shaped wooden calendar

This calendar can not only help you count down Christmas, but it can be educational to toddlers given it can help kids learn color recognition. A calendar that can be used every year that holds candy and educates? It's hard to believe you can do much better than this calendar. 

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Wind-Up musical advent calendar

Need a little music to go along with your daily Christmas countdown? Then look no further than this octagon-shaped jewel that plays the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" when it is wound up. While listening to music, put notes or candy in the tiny 24 drawers. 

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L.O.L. surprise dolls

If you have never heard of these dolls, you probably will soon, given Business Insider has written an article on how they are the biggest toy of the holiday season. This calendar features a fun maze on the back.  

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Hershey's Kisses calendar 

Who doesn’t love a Hershey’s Kiss? Well, how about 24 of them? Even better to the delicious treat is that there is a word search to do on the back of the calendar. 

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Paw Patrol

Be there on the double for this calendar design of the popular cartoon. Imagine the excitement of your kids playing with this calendar while watching the show on TV at the same time! A bonus is that you can cut out the ornaments on the back and hang them on the tree! You'll be on your way to Christmas fun!

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Disney Mickey Mouse


Of course, there can't possibly be a list of advent calendars without including one of Mickey, can there? For those who are headed to Disney World for the holidays, get further in the mood by purchasing this Disney-themed advent calendar. A big perk is that you can write a letter to Santa with the postcard on the back. 

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Mars assorted candy

Want a break from calendars that strictly have chocolate? Then this is the perfect design for you, since this calendar not only includes M&M's, Snickers Minis, MilkyWay Minis and Twix Minis, but also Skittles and Starburst. It will feel like going trick or treating all over again.

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