College freshman do's, don'ts

What students say they wish they knew their freshman year


Fall semester is about to begin and college freshman are preparing for their first year. You may feel prepared, but a UCLA study found nearly 28% of college students feel overwhelmed by all their new responsibilities.

You've picked out all your classes, found a place to live, and said bye to mom and dad, so what next?

One college student says, "Usually they have something where you can find really discounted used textbooks, I think that's the best way to go about it."

Freshmen are often told to buy textbooks from the campus bookstore, but it could cost them. Think about renting or using websites like www.chegg.com where textbooks can be found for half the price of those on campus.

It's also never too early to start internships or find a part-time job.

"Education's only going to take you so far, you need to have the experience on your resume," explains another student.

Finally, get to know your professors, even before you start the class.

First year students should also keep track of past credits from high school and not rely on advisers. Advisers often see many students, so if you don't monitor what classes you do and don't need yourself, you could end up taking a class unnecessarily.