Best back-to-school apps


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Whether you're in elementary, high school or college, there are some new apps to make class work a lot easier. Whether you use these for your phone or tablet, most are cloud compatible, low cost or free.

Let's start with the Apps for older students. If you take lots of notes, check out the APP's Wunderlist and Evernote.  Each lets you organize your notes they way that you want by subject, date and more. You can upload your work to the cloud so you can have access from a different device later on.  Both apps are compatible with a long list of gadgets and the free versions are great for saving your basic work. Advanced versions vary in price from $3 to $6.

From advanced math to astronomy, Wolfram/Alpha is an app where you can type in a question in almost any subject and it will provide the answer and explanation. This is said to be a great research tool and it's a $3,one time charge.

DictionaryThis is a free app from dictionary.com. This is a great resource that will save you valuable time and has a lot of extras. It's not just a dictionary. It's also a thesaurus, has synonyms for every word and even voice search capabilities.

The apps for younger students mostly come in the form of games but can really help with learning and homework. Word Worm, for example, is a word game with tiles of letters set up in vertical rows. The player then tries to form as many words as possible from the rows. This is $2.99 and can help strengthen your child's writing skills

Math Doodles is also a one time fee of $2.99 and has a host of games, challenges and fun exercises with mathematics. This can work very much like a math tutor and according to the Huffington Post, kids like it because it adds an element of fun.

Also recommended by teachers and technology experts, the app Interactive Books. This has everything from Thomas the Train, Sesame Street to Dr. Seuss and it allows readers to participate in the story. This APP varies in price.

One more that you really need to consider for the whole household according to the Huffington Post is Google Drive. There's a free word processor and spreadsheet program. It also allows you to store documents, photos, music and more in the cloud. Most students are now using Google Docs to write their papers and the best part, it's free!