Saturday school program begins in Duval County


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Saturday started the first day of a new Saturday school program in Duval County.

The program is designed to help improve graduation rates and dropout rates. The graduation rate for 2012 was 72 percent.

More than 50 public schools that got a D or F grade are offering the Saturday school program. Reading, math and science will be the focus.

Saturday students will also be able to do more test preparation for the FCAT.

Duval County Public Schools said Saturday school will provide additional support to students that normally would not get it at home.

It's up to parents to sign their children up for the additional day of class. Flyers went home to parents, and announcements were made in schools about the program, and sign up is still open.

Saturday school is from 9 a.m to noon.

Free transportation is provided for middle and high school students, along with free breakfast and lunch.

The program does not replace summer school, it's just another option for students.

Parents interested in sending their students to Saturday school must sign up through their school.

While all students in the selected schools were invited to participate, it is not mandatory.

For a list of schools that offer the program, click here.

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