NE Fla. districts improve on end-of-course tests


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Northeast Florida school districts showed improved student performance on state end-of-course assessments in Algebra 1, geometry, Biology 1 and U.S. History, Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart announced Monday.

"I am so appreciative of Florida's teachers and school leaders who have worked incredibly hard this year to improve student performance," Stewart said in a news release. "Their increased focus and dedication will ensure Florida's students are prepared for success in college, a career and in life."

  • In Duval County, ninth grade Algebra 1 proficiency levels increased 8 percent and 10th grade Algebra 1 scores went up 10 percent. While geometry EOC results were mixed, U.S. history proficiency increased 14 points, with eight Duval County high schools scoring higher than the state average (65 percent).
  • Clay County increased from 2013 in two of the four assessment areas released Monday. Students improved by 12 percentage points in Algebra 1 and went up 10 percentage points U.S. History.
  • Nassau County students improved in three of four assessment areas. U.S. History scores jumped 14 percentage points, while both Algebra 1 and Biology 1 scores increased by 3 percentage points.
  • Putnam County is one of 13 districts in the state to improve in all four assessment areas released. Scores in Algebra 1, Geometry and Biology 1 each increased by 6 percentage points.
  • St. Johns County improved from 2013 in three of the four assessment areas. Both Geometry and Biology 1 went up 4 percentage points and U.S. History scores rose 5 percentage points.

Overall, statewide student achievement improved in all of the end-of-course assessment areas. Compared to last year, students improved in U.S. History by 10 percentage points, followed by a 2 percentage point increase in Biology 1 and a 1 percentage point increase in both Algebra 1 and geometry.

Passing the Algebra 1 EOC is a graduation requirement in Florida.

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In Duval and some other counties, the release of report cards was delayed because the EOC scores were not released before the end of the school year.

The Algebra 1 EOC was administered for the first time in spring 2011, the Biology 1 and Geometry EOCs were first administered in spring 2012, and the U.S. History EOC was administered for the first time in spring 2013.

More information about EOCs can be found at Florida End-of-Course Assessments.

The 2014 End-of-Course assessment results are available at 2014 Statewide Assessment Scores.