School bus stop brawl is last straw, dad says

Local father says he's pulling daughter out of public school because of bullying

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local father claims his daughter has been bullied for the past two years but Monday afternoon a fight broke out at a school bus stop and this time, other parents joined in.

The Duval County School District's code of conduct strictly prohibits bullying on school grounds and buses, but a father who was involved in Monday's incident at the Windy Hill Elementary School bus stop said until something is done about bullying, he's taking his daughter out of public school.

"It's a bad thing that these teenage kids -- it's like they have no fear for the law, any adult, it doesn't matter," said Danny, who asked not to be identified beyond his first name.

He said he wanted to protect his daughter and their home after they were involved in a neighborhood fight that escalated.

"Kids from school that don't even ride that bus are getting off the bus stop and punching kids and adults," Danny said. "My whole family has been threatened. My property has been threatened."

Danny's daughter was a student at Twin Lakes Academy Middle School, but he removed her after Monday's incident. He said last year when she thought about ending her life, he had to act.

"My child last year was considering suicide," Danny said. "She didn't want to go to school no more. She didn't want to live no more. The kids were getting her at school, on the bus, after the bus."

Danny said he has contacted the Sheriffs Office, the school board and even the State Attorney's Office.

News4Jax tried to access that report but a Duval County Schools spokeswoman said all reports, including reports of bullying, are protected by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

On Tuesday, there was a heightened presence of police at the bus stop with at least four patrol cars in the area.

Parents on the on the other side of the bullying argument declined to be interviewed but said the fight would not have escalated if parents had not jumped in.