SAT changes coming soon

New test will remove obscure vocabulary words, elemental penalty for guessing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Sharpen your No. 2 pencils and get ready for changes to the SAT test given to high school students in preparation for college.

In March 2014, the College Board announced sweeping changes to the SAT designed to make it easier for students to show colleges and universities their best work. Key changes include a move away from obscure vocabulary words to the use of relevant vocabulary words in context, an in-depth focus on three essential areas of math and the elimination of a penalty for guessing.

"The great changes are more aligned to what students are learning in the classroom and clearly those skills that are necessary for college success," said James Montoya is a vice president of the College Board. He added that students "love the fact the tests have no tricks or obscure vocabulary words."

The new test will roll out early next year.

Another addition is the partnership between the College Board and Khan Academy.

"It offers free world-class test prep for all students. All families have to do is go to SATpractice.org to take advantage of this free world class test prep," Montoya said.

Montoya said the new test and free test prep will help "level the playing field."