Fight leads to racial tension at Oceanway Middle School

District says 3 students were disciplined for fight, security increased Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A fight at Oceanway Middle School this week led to racial tension and increased security at the school Friday, the Duval County school district said.

The district said that four students were involved in a fight Thursday during lunch at the middle school.

School security and staff responded quickly and separated the students, and all those involved were disciplined according to the student code of conduct, and their parents and guardians were notified.

According to the district, several other students attempted to support the students involved in the fight and “unfortunately added racial tension to the school campus by wearing opposing black and white shirts.”

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The tension led to increased security at the school and the presence of district personnel on Friday “to reduce the opportunity for more altercations, and discuss proactive measures to eliminate the civil unrest amongst the student body.”

News4Jax Crime and Safety Analyst, Gil Smith says fortunately police were able to prevent more violence from happening. When I was a school resource officer I would also bring in the parents involve them and let them  see the police are really concerned and the school board is really concerned about their child's future," Smith said.

"The school board police, they were the lead agency because it happen on school property and Jacksonville sheriffs office came in to assist them.


The district called parents and sent a letter home with students Friday.

"Duval County Public Schools is proud of its diverse student body and is committed to fostering an environment where diversity and cultural differences lead to understanding and not conflict," Oceanway Middle School Principal Tonya Marx said. "To that end, school administrators are planning several activities for the remainder of the school year that will help to address and rectify these challenges."