Crowds turnout to take advantage of tax free holiday

St. Augustine Outlet Mall sees huge crowds

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Sunday was the last day of Florida's sales tax holiday, and crowds packed the St. Augustine Outlet Mall to take advantage of the savings.

The Florida sales tax weekend meant shoppers didn’t have to pay sales tax on school supplies that are $15 or less. The tax exemption also applied to clothing that costs $60 or less.

The outlet mall in St. Augustine is known for being a popular place for the annual tax free weekend. The discounts started Friday, and even before the stores opened, people were showing up and waiting to save.

“Well, it all adds up in the end you know, try to save as much as you can,” shopper James Spencer said.

Lines in the stores got pretty long, and the lines out on U.S. 16 came in waves every couple hours.

“This weekend has been pretty crazy,” Sarah Fiori, who works for Maidenform, said. “We are getting a lot more foot traffic because of tourism over the summer, and (the) tax free weekend for back to school. It’s insane”

Cars pulled in one after another, braving the crowds, trying to avoid paying taxes on clothes and school supplies.

“I noticed this place was full yesterday when we came in, and (it) probably will be full again today,” Spencer said.
Even if you aren't shopping for back to school supplies, it's still an opportunity many take advantage of to save money.

The tax holiday lasted only three days this year, compared to ten last year. It lasts through 11:59 p.m. Sunday night.

If shoppers don't want to brave the crowds, most websites honor the tax free weekend exemption.

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