Federal Impact Aid Program forms due today for Duval parents

DCPS schools could receive millions in funding through program

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Parents in Duval County have an important piece of homework due Friday. Federal Impact Aid Program survey forms are due Jan. 25 and it could mean millions of dollars for your child's school.

The Federal Impact Aid survey is sent every year to parents who are active duty members of the military or civilians who work or live on federal property. School districts do not collect property tax on federal properties so the purpose of the survey is to determine how much federal funding the district should receive to make up for the taxes not collected. 

By completing the form, the school district and schools could receive millions in funding.

According to the school district, about 12,000 students in the district qualify for the program. Through the program, the district could receive between $5-10 million to put toward various school resources including books, technology and capital improvements.

However, in recent years, the district says it’s only received a small fraction of that because a lot of people don’t return the survey.

Last year, the district received just over $475,000.

The forms were sent out in the fall.  If you received one but cannot find it now, you can find it online. 

PRINT THIS FORM: Federal Impact Aid

Most importantly, make sure you send it to school with your kids Friday morning.

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