Episcopal School, neighbors reach potential compromise over guardhouse

Neighbors concerned guardhouse will cause traffic headaches


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The fight between Episcopal School of Jacksonville and a nearby neighborhood over the addition of a guardhouse at the school's entrance might be reaching a compromise.

The private school included the guardhouse at the main entrance as part of a $17 million capital improvement project announced last year. But neighbors who live in Live Oak Manor argued that the change would make an already bad traffic situation even worse.

Episcopal School officials said the guardhouse is needed to provide extra security for the students and staff, but people who live in the neighborhood behind the school fought the change.

They said the traffic generated by the guardhouse would block their neighborhood and they would be forced to use the new entrance because the change would move their public road onto the school’s private property.

But the two sides appear to have reached a compromise with the school agreeing to add the guardhouse but not a gate and the neighborhood being given a new entrance that would allow residents to avoid the guarded school entrance.

The plan must be approved by the city.

The two sides were set to meet Wednesday evening with the land use and zoning committee to iron out the deal.

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