Backpack designed to protect children from shootings

A Florida father has created a backpack designed to protect students during school shootings.

DefendAPack creator and CEO Larry James says he came up with the idea while watching coverage of the Parkland Shooting in February 2018. His backpack includes a removable protective vest that is attached inside the backpack and can be removed and put on, giving the wearer chest and back protection.

The company's president of media relations, John Discepolo, said the vest contains armored plates that can protect against handguns and rifles of different calibers. He says the difference between his product and other bulletproof backpacks is the extra protection given because of the removable vest.

The DefendAPack basic combo starts at $100. The backpacks can be purchased from DefendAPack's website, which on Monday was offering a sale.

Click play button above to watch Discepolo demonstrate the backpack on The Morning Show.