How to deal with student, teacher issues


Not every teacher your child gets will be his or her favorite teacher. So what do you as a parent to help your child get through the school year?

If your child is having problems with a teacher, try using these tips.

Document your child's complaints

When your son or daughter complains about his or her teacher, don't dismiss their complaints, according to Instead, document the issue(s) and the date it occurred. Make sure you get as much detail from your child as possible.

Present solutions

Based on your child's complaints, you can either help your child fix the situation on his or her own if it's minor, or you can talk to the teacher. If you are going to talk to the teacher, let your child know that you are going to have a discussion with his or her teacher about his or her concerns. This lets your child know that you care about the problem, but also that you're going to hear the teacher's side of it as well and come to a fair solution. For older kids, you can try giving your son or daughter tips on how to approach the teacher themselves to try to clear up any misunderstandings.

Meet with the teacher

Set up a meeting with your son or daughter's teacher and take the approach of trying to find a solution instead of accusing the teacher. The teacher may be defensive, so taking the approach of just trying to get to the bottom of the problem by presenting what your child told you and listening to the teacher's side may be more productive.

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