Meeting about bullying video canceled

By Ashley Harding - Reporter , Chris Robbins - Producer

PALATKA, Fla. - A special meeting before the Putnam County School Board with parents and community leaders about a film about bullying shown by a teacher was canceled.

The Putnam County Sheriff's Office called Channel 4 Sunday to say the meeting was canceled on Saturday, but didn't say why.

The film is called "Love is All You Need." It claims to have an anti-bullying message and tells the story of a fictional world where heterosexuals are bullied by homosexuals for being different.

It's that message that is creating controversy and causing some concern in the community, especially after a Palatka High School teacher s

howed the film in class last month.

"I certainly don't object to everybody having their lifestyle, but I just don't think they should shove it on everybody else," said resident Joe Maltby.

"Parents are going both ways," said Shana Owens, a Putnam County parent. "Some are angry, some are upset. Some think he shouldn't have shown it."


At last week's school board meeting some parents and church leaders voiced their concerns and opinions.

Channel 4 spoke with one parent over the phone who was disturbed by some of the comments that were made at the meeting.

"Some flat out stated that gays are disgusting and sexual deviants, and they don't want their children exposed to them. I think it's utterly ridiculous," said the parent.

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