Special Needs Prom brings students together

Teaches students social and dance skills

ABILENE, Tx. - The speakers are blaring, fear and insecurities are tossed aside and both feet and wheels will the dance floor at a unique school dance. 

Last year, Abilene High School in Abilene, Texas hosted a special prom for special needs students, giving them a chance to let loose and forget their worries.

Teacher Jill McClellan said for the second annual dance the school spared no expense.

"The heels, jewelry, everything. We're going all out," said McClellan. "They just have a ball, they think it's great. But the best reaction is what I'm getting from the adults who show up, they're like 'Whoa, my kid can do that?! This is great, this is heartwarming, this is so much fun.'"

This year the school took it a step further and invited students with a wide range of disabilities.

"You name it, they've got it, from cerebral palsy to down' syndrome. After we opened it up, we realized these kids don't know each other so just meeting once a year wasn't going to give us all the friendship we needed to have the prom successful," said McClellan.

The school began hosting socials at the beginning of the school year, bussing in students from the big country schools so students can meet, mingle and learn the latest dance moves.

Teacher Mellanie Myers said the socials help students come out of their shell.

"At our first social, the students were a little isolated a little bit more," said Myers.

Students from all over Texas have a bit more time to practice their dance moves before the big dance though, the prom is set for May 17th.

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