Starke Elementary students to be relocated

School closed Thursday due to mold, unacceptable air quality

STARKE, Fla. - With Starke Elementary remaining closed due to concerns of mold and unacceptable air quality, the school district announced it will ask the 500 students affected to begin attending alternate locations starting Wednesday August 28th and Tuesday Sept. 3.

Pre-K students will move to Madison Street Baptist Church, (900 W. Madison Street • Starke, Florida, 32091 • 904-964-7557 (Church) or 904-966-6896 (Pre-K)) starting Wednesday August 28th. 

School officials have moved both Starke Elementary and Southside Elementary Pre-K classes to the church, to make more room for Starke Elementary students at Southside Elementary. 

"The well-being of our students and staff is my top priority. Closing Starke Elementary School was not an easy decision, but it was necessary to permanently solve this reoccurring issue," said Chad Farnsworth, Bradford County superintendent of schools. "I thank the members of our community for their understanding and willingness to help with this relocation."

On Friday, the district announced the alternative locations starting September 3rd:

Kindergarten students will go to Southside Elementary School, 823 Stansbury Street in Starke. 904-966-6061

First- and second-grade students will go to Lawtey Elementary School on 22703 N. Park Street. 904-966-6795

Third-grade student will meet in conference rooms at the Bradford County School District, 501 W. Washington Street in Starke. 904-966-6800

Fourth-grade students will go to Southside Elementary School, 823 Stansbury Street in Starke. 904-966-6061

Fifth-grade classes will go to Santa Fe College Stump Building, 520 West Pratt Street in Starke. 904-964-2763

Parents with multiple children may want to consider a special pupil assignment to Lawtey Elementary School to keep siblings in the same school location. Parents can call Lawtey Elementary at 904-966-6795 to facilitate this request.

Parents can get additional information via mail, telephone and the Bradford County School District website and Facebook page.

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