Tackle finals, college entrance exams without stress

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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For many people-it's time to hit the books.  Whether it's getting ready for a final or a college entrance exam, what matters most is the way you study.

Judy Lynch, a Kansas State University tutoring expert, says research shows that students need to actually do something with their notes. So, don't just read them. Lynch says you should write them down again or turn them into a chart.

Also, make a study plan and fill out practice tests. Being prepared will eliminate a lot of test anxiety.

And if you stress out over those essays and true false questions because you think you're a bad test taker, it's not you.  Lynch says It's actually your study habits.

"Students learn test anxiety and they learn it because they have done poorly on tests and they begin to think they are always going to do poorly and that makes the very, very anxious," Lynch added.

Lynch says it's also important to remember that a little bit of anxiety is normal and OK.

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