What college-bound students won't need

Dealnews reveals 8 things parents don't need to buy

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If you are shopping for a kid that's going to college, the line between need and want might get a little blurred.

Beyond tuition, chances are your child will also have to buy books, new clothes, some housewares and probably even beer. Dealnews.com has eight things you can skip if you are looking to save.

Number one is a printer. Most schools offer printing facilities that are either free or cheap to use. Another thing they likely won't use, a tablet or iPad. Writing a term paper on a touchscreen would take forever. Dealnews said a laptop is a way better choice.

Something else to skip, expensive bedding. Chances are it's going to get spills and stains so keep it cheap for when it needs to be replaced.

While you're at it, don't send them with an iron and ironing board. Has any college kid ever been seen using one? They will likely spend most of their college career in cotton t-shirts, shorts and jeans.

Also on the list of things your college student won't need is a high-end laptop. It's likely they will take it everywhere and use it a lot. You want it to be sturdy, but not crazy expensive.

Finally, Dealnews suggested skipping an external hard drive, the new apple iphone and an HDTV.

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