Whoopi Goldberg and Tyler Perry Want to Make 'Sister Act 3' With Tiffany Haddish

By Rachel McRady‍
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Could Deloris be getting back in her habit?

One of Whoopi Goldberg’s most iconic roles was as the singer-turned-nun Deloris in the 1992 film Sister Act, and the 62-year-old comedian is still interested in making a third instalment of the beloved films. 

During a Thursday appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Cohen noted that comedian Tiffany Haddish is a big fan of Goldberg’s 1986 film Jumpin' Jack Flash, and asked if she’d ever help Haddish make a sequel. 

"No, because that’s not the sequel I want to do!” Goldberg noted, citing that Disney did not want to do the movie. 

Goldberg was on the show with producer Tyler Perry, who was immediately taken with the idea of Goldberg and Haddish co-starring in a third Sister Act film. 

"The two of them in Sister Act, that should happen. Let’s make it happen,” he said. 

Later in the show, host Cohen suggested that Perry take a more active role in the potential sequel. 

"Can’t you buy the rights to Sister Act?” he asked the producer. 

"That’s exactly what I was thinking. I was sitting here thinking Tiffany Haddish, Whoopi in Sister Act,” he said. "We’ll go get ‘em!"

Goldberg and Haddish are co-starring in the upcoming comedy, Nobody’s Fool, watch the clip below for more: 


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