Clothes that will make you look 10 pounds slimmer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Frumpy clothes can make you look heavier than you really are.  So, here are some tips to help you look slimmer just by switching outfits.

First, those jeans should hug all the right places.  Try dark boot cut jeans, with a long top and a shorter jacket to get a slimmer look in a flash.

Stylist Beth Sullivan with Sei Bella Image Consulting says it's more than just the fit, it's also about pocket placement.

"So, here's a butt-booster for you. When chosing your jeans, create the illusion of a shapely derriere with jeans where pockets angle downward when you try them on," says Sullivan.

Next, show off your waist.  A simple tunic with a thin belt along with some platform heels is a great trimming trick.

"Most people's tiniest accent is around their rib cage! So, using a great belt to cinch your waist, or a dress cut to proportion is definitely key!" says Sullivan. "A great belt hugging the smallest part of your waist will cut your appearance by 10lbs!"

And it doesn't have to be a big belt, layering a skinny belt will do the trick.  Sullivan also says wear pencil skirts to appear slimmer. 

And, black is the best color if you want to lengthen your body.  Layer lightweight clothes like long cardigans, scarves and necklaces to get this kind of slimming result.

And a great pair of heels can trick people into thinking your legs are slimmer, and of course sexier!  However, wedges do not work as well as stilletos.  Wedges are great but will not give the illusion of long, thin legs like stilleto heels will.  Sullivan says the higher the heel, the longer the leg appears.