Movie ticket prices at all-time high

Fewer people going to movie theaters, turning to Netflix, On Demand, Internet

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For those who've been to the movies lately with family and walked away wondering how it's possible to spend so much money, they're not alone.T

he price of a movie ticket has reached an all-time high in the United States and Canada.

The result has been a decline in people going to the movies, but the industry is finding ways to evolve.

Watching next year's Final Four tournament, a concert or a boxing match on an IMAX screen could be the future of America's big screen, according to industry analysts.

"You always have to be evolving," moviegoer Shena Roper said. "It's time for that industry to evolve."

Roper said she hasn't been to see a movie in months because with a family of four, the cost of a flick is out of her reach.

Moviegoers said it's so much easier to watch a movie at home.

"You've got Redbox, where the movie's $1," Roper said. "They're on Netflix and on the Internet, too."

The national average ticket price for a movie is $8.06, a price that factors in lower-cost matinee tickets and tickets discounted for seniors and adults.

In Jacksonville at AMC Regency 24, an IMAX movie is $12.75. It's the reason why Alicia Johnson hasn't seen a single movie in five years.

"Way too expensive, too overpriced," Johnson said. "It's triple the price. I'm a college student. It's not going to happen."

Movie theaters are also trying to secure their hold on the market by improving the food. Still, there are some faithful moviegoers who said they don't mind paying extra for the age-old experience.

"The whole ethos, the environment. That's the best deal," Joe Moore said. "Especially the Batman movie. You don't get that at home."