Dr. Oz being sued for a botched insomnia cure

Man says advice left him with 3rd degree burns.


A New Jersey man is suing television medical personality Dr. Mehmet Oz for a insomnia cure the doctor promoted on an episode of his daytime talk show "Doctor Oz."

Frank Dietl of Southhampton Township in New Jersey filed a lawsuit that claims the advice caused him to suffer third degree burns on his feet that left him bed ridden for three weeks. 

In the episode Dr. Oz says wearing socks filled with rice that has been warned in the microwave can bring heat away from your body's core and to your feet. The cooling effect will help your body fall asleep.

Dietl said he has neuropathy and does not have much feeling in his feet. When he tried the remedy to help him sleep, he did not notice his feet were burning until the morning when he was unable to move. 

His lawsuit claims Dr. Oz was negligent and did not warn viewers about the potential dangers.

In the April 17th episode cardiovascular surgeon and author reminds viewers not to let the rice get too hot and to only wear the "knap-sack heated rice footsie" for 20 minutes at a time.