'Beautiful Bodies' competition held at Jacksonville Landing

Ra'Shad 'The Truth on Wheels' Solomon named winner of competition


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A three-week competition came to an end Wednesday night during Art Walk at the Jacksonville Landing.

The "Beautiful Bodies" competition was held at the Landing and it wasn't about who can flaunt the best beach body, but about art, fashion and dancing.

"They are expressing beautiful creatively, what they do is beautiful," said Jasmine Rhey, co-coordinator of Beautiful Bodies.

The concept behind Beautiful Bodies came from creators wanting to showcase the many talents who are living in Jacksonville.

Wednesday night, Ra'Shad "The Truth on Wheels" Solomon was named the winner of Beautiful Bodies. Solomon is a local model with a disability and represents Comfortable with Myself, an organization that reaches out to the disabled and encourages them to live a quality life, regardless of their disability.