Research: 90% of home chefs contaminate food


Got big Super Bowl plans?

Here's some disturbing new research that might have your guests waving a penalty flag.

Researchers at Kansas State University tested more than 100 people on their cooking skills to see if they passed the food safety test.

The results: 90 percent of those home chefs had contaminated their food.

The scientists also found contaminants all around the kitchen, including on handles, countertops and the trash can.

And there was one key source of cross-contamination

"What we found is that most people don't adequately wash their hands, if they wash them at all," KSU food safety specialist Dr. Randy Phebus said. "And they will spread that contamination to the hand towels and then multiple times go back and re-contaminate themselves or the kitchen surfaces with those towels and it ultimately finds the contamination in the food product."

So here's a reminder, be sure to clean, separate, cook and chill. And wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap.