This is the 'Force Awakens' Stormtrooper you're looking for

First Order Stormtrooper 1:6 scale figure released by Hot

Just as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" takes command of the all-time domestic box office crown from "Avatar," a cool new action figure has arrived to seize the "Star Wars" collectibles universe.

Hong Kong-based Hot Toys and California-based collectibles-maker/distributor Sideshow Collectibles have released the first of many planned high-end 1:6 scale (12-inch) action figures with the debut of the First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader. Other "Force Awakens" Stormtrooper variations are on the way from Hot Toys/Sideshow, as well as villains Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma, heroes Rey (with BB-8) and Finn, and various First Order Snowtroopers and Flametroopers. The companies will undoubtedly announce more releases as "The Force Awakens" continues its record-breaking surge at the domestic and worldwide box office.

Review: Much like Hot Toys' other 1:6, the First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader embodies perfection. The company's sculptors and artists clearly took serious their commitment to deliver the best possible figure to collectors. Equipped with a pauldron to establish the rank of the Stormtrooper, the figure includes seven interchangeable gloved palms for various hand poses.

Two of the hands also provide for a tight grip on the figure's blaster rifle and blaster pistol (magnets on right side of the figure's thigh cleverly hold a weapon at a time). The character's white armor as well as the alternate hands and weapons are highly-detailed, with the pinnacle being the cool paint detail on the Stormtrooper's helmet. Helmet to toe, it's almost as if the character walked off the screen directly into your living room, albeit a lot smaller.

The figure's multiple points of articulation naturally allows for some pretty dynamic poses, especially if it is situated on its hexagon stand (which features a nameplate with the film's title treatment and First Order emblem). However, if you're looking to pose your figure sans the stand, you may run into a little bit more trouble than other Hot Toys figures. That's because underneath the figure's armor is a body stocking (made of leathery material at the hip-joints), which, while screen accurate, tends to limit flexibility. Fortunately, the rubbery material at the knee and elbow joints allows for more dynamic posing. Like any figure, limitations or not, it always takes a bit of work to get the desired pose without a stand.

If you're into army-building with your figures ? and it will be a hard thing to resist with this figure ? the only potential downfall of the First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader is the price point ($219.99 ? which is pretty standard for the company's imported product). The great thing is, high-end collectibles tend to hold their value, and a release like this will surely increase as the new "Star Wars" movie universe continues to expand on the big screen. While there are plenty of cheaper alternatives at mass market retail, if you're a serious collector, this is definitely the "Force Awakens" First Order Stormtrooper you're looking for.