Rapper saves fiancé from tattoo gaffe


Rapper Iggy Azalea saves her fiancé from making a terrible tattoo mistake. She posted a picture on twitter of Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Nick Young getting a tattoo across his back.

“Guys, I want to let you know. Nick can’t spell and if it wasn’t for the love I have for him. He would have ‘BORN REBLE’ tatted across his back,” Azalea wrote.

Azalea said she walked in halfway through Young getting the new tattoo and was able to correct the mistake. The “Fancy” artist admitted she briefly considered letting the NBA player get the tattoo with the misspelling.

The couple was rocked by a cheating scandal in late March. Young’s teammate D’Angelo Russell leaked a video online showing Young talking about a girl he had recently met. Young and Azalea were already engaged when the video was released.

Azalea’s latest tweets appear to show that the couple has moved on.

It wouldn’t have been the first time a celebrity got a tattoo with a misspelled word. Actress Hayden Panettiere got the phrase “live without regret” on her side in Italian, but the final word was spelled wrong. David Beckham got his wife Victoria’s name tattooed on his left arm in Hindi, and the artwork contained an extra letter.