'Ghostbusters' remake funny, but doesn't defeat original



"Ghostbusters" goes to the ladies!

"Ghostbusters" (PG-13)


Remaking any classic movie - is a dangerous move. However, this remake of "Ghostbusters," with an all-female crew, didn't disappoint.


An antisocial man who loves tapping into the outer world believes it's time to destroy humans with ghosts. Three scientists and a resourceful transportation worker come together to form Ghostbusters. If you had the privilege of seeing the original film you will compare the two almost instantly. For the most part, the 2016 version stays true to outfits, their ghostbusting-mobile and of course destroying ghosts. This film is disappointing with some of the writing. The jokes are hit or miss. Secondly, some of the acting isn't always effective. A highlight in the film will be the cameo appearances of cast members from the first film. The entire family can watch this and get a laugh. However, there's nothing like seeing the original.


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