Movie Preview: 'Rings' brings fright for February

Love has no boundaries in thriller

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – "Rings" (PG-13)

A young couple get in trouble when the boyfriend, Holt, decides to experiment with a dark subculture and watches a videotape that should kill him in seven days.

His girlfriend, Julia, believes that she can somehow save his life; however, this is not the kind of movie where that is going to happen. If anything, this movie will make you jump, scream and cringe. This is a man versus evil film.

Some people may compare this movie to "Split" that came out in January, don’t be fooled. "Split" has its own level of creepiness but it can’t be compared to "Rings".

I am surprised it's coming out in February, the month of love, but overall you  of screams and entertainment.

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