Movie review: 'Alien: Convenant' successful with frights and drama

Michael Fassbender shines as friend and foe


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Since 1979 the Alien franchise has been bringing screams and nightmares for generations of movie lovers. "Alien: Covenant" takes it a step further with new conflicts and danger.

This time a crew is headed through space to colonize a new planet but before they can, a rouge signal gets their attention. The crew decides to follow the signal to a planet that's closer and appears to be ideal to start a new life. They are wrong. From the moment they step on this lush beautiful planet they encounter death at the hands of an alien parasite.

As a sequel to "Prometheus" and a preview of a new sequel,  there is plenty of action, death, and a bizarre admiration for aliens played by Michael Fassbender, who is the friend and foe of the Alien: Covenant. Overall this movie is great because it maintains a balance between the crew fighting aliens and each other. 


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