Star Wars fans arrive in full costume for opening night of 'The Last Jedi'

Fans show up in full force for premiere of much-anticipated 8th installment

FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. – Fans arrived in full costume Thursday evening at movie theaters across the country for the opening night of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

As to be expected, the premiere of Episode VIII was more than just a movie, it was an experience. 

Ever since the seventh installment debuted two years ago, die-hard fans have been champing at the bit to see the continuation of the story line between the Resistance and the New Order.

At the New Vision Fleming Island 12 movie theater, fans held a party to celebrate the much-anticipated eighth installment. Though arriving in full costume for the opening night of "The Last Jedi" wasn't required, it was definitely welcomed.

Some fans even take it to a higher level, dressing up as dozens of characters, including C-3PO, Jedi, Stormtroopers and bounty hunters. 

Judging by the line of characters, it appeared that for one night, the dark side and the light side of the force could coexist in peace as hundreds packed into several theaters at New Vision Fleming Island 12 for early evening showings. 

"Every time I watch the movies, it's like being a kid all over again," said Star Wars fan Matt Smith. "I was born in '76, so I've known Star Wars my whole life."

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After the early showings ended, everyone who News4Jax spoke with said they enjoyed the movie.

"“It’s such a great phenomenon, spans so many generations -- all the way from the '70s, to the early 2000s with the prequels, and all the way into these new movies," Star Wars fan Ben Faircloth said. "It just brings us all together."

Some fans were already planning to come back and see it again this weekend.

By Monday, box office numbers will dictate whether or not Star Wars Episode VIII is the highest, or close to the highest, moneymaking Star Wars movie of all time. 

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