State-of-the-art roller coaster opens in Legoland

Thrill-seekers can experience twice the rush

ORLANDO, Fla. – Lego land Florida has unveiled a new ride that combines an old-fashioned roller coaster with virtual reality technology.

The Great Lego Race is an adaptation of an existing roller coaster, and was introduced to the public Friday. Merlin Magic Making, a division of Legoland's parent company, spent two and a half years developing the virtual-reality elements now layered onto the physical course, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Riders don a headset and are surrounded by legions of Lego's trademark minifigures as they zoom down the track.

The attraction now (virtually) goes where it would be nearly impossible to go in real life: over cliffs, down rapids and into a cheering throng at the finish line.

The story revolves around a race between the rider and other minifigures - with 3D Lego bricks everywhere.