Movie review: Boyega brings humor and valor to 'Uprising' while movie struggles to engage

Sci-fi effects fail to take viewer on a believable journey

Pacific Rim Uprising  (PG-13)

War on Earth is a battle with sea creatures beneath the crust of the Pacific Ocean and every generation must be prepared for battle. 

Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) is the son of the great General Stacker Pentecost who won and ended the last war against massive sea creatures known as Kaiju. 

General Pentecost is dead and his son has left the military that protects the world. Instead, he steals scraps from old robots for money. Kaijus want to take over the world again and Pentecost is forced to decide: fight for your country or watch it be destroyed.

The sci-fi action is entertaining but it lacks the ability to pull the viewer into this robot experience without it feeling and looking very artificial. If you want an adventure, action and comedy, this movie will give you that, but don't expect it to look or feel believable.

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