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Movie review: 'Life of the Party' is emotional, hilarious and a wild ride all at the same time

Melissa McCarthy brings the laughs

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy (WRBL via CNN)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) drops out of college to raise her daughter with her not-so-nice husband.

As her daughter's life is just beginning Deanna's life is falling apart. Her husband wants a divorce. Deanna decides she is going back to college to finish her archeology degree and finds out it's time to enjoy life.

Deanna's path to finding herself, is emotional, hilarious and a wild ride all at the same time. Deanna transforms into an honor roll hot mom and she's awesome. This film will speak to anyone who has sacrificed for others only to be betrayed and heartbroken.

This movie will inspire you to start a new project that you stopped years ago or simply take your life back. Watch this newly divorced mom find a new life as she enjoys every second of the journey. "Life of the Party" is funny, enlightening and meaningful. Another great film for Mother's Day.  ​Funny one Warner Bros.!

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