Crews clean up after Lynyrd Skynyrd hometown farewell

Jacksonville stadium no stranger to big events, big cleanups

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With Jaguars games and the annual Florida-Georgia game, crews have big event cleanup down to a science at TIAA Bank Field.

So picking up after tens of thousands of Lynyrd Skynyrd fans overnight was just a matter of routine.

About 4 a.m. Monday, which was roughly 3½ hours after the concert ended, crews were still gathering trash in the parking lots that had been left behind by concert-goers.

Most of the dumpsters and trash cans around the stadium were already emptied early Monday morning.

For the Florida-Georgia game every year, it takes about 10 hours to clean up. It’s estimated that about 30 tons of trash is collected after that game, which is about three times more than a standard Jaguars game. 

The concert Sunday, which was the band's final hometown show, included two rain delays.

Lynyrd Skynyrd took the stage about 10 p.m. and played until just after midnight.

Crews were still breaking down the stages and other concert equipment inside the stadium, loading it onto trucks so grounds crews can take over and start prepping for the Jaguars' home opener against New England on Sept. 16.

Anyone who left belongings at the concert Sunday can check lost and found by calling 904-633-6114.

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