You can bid on over 500 different props from 'The Office' right now

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It's hard to believe that everyone's favorite mockumentary TV show "The Office" has been off the air for over five years now, but that hasn't stopped die hard fans from constantly binging it on Netflix or dressing up as Dwight for Halloween. 

Now, fans can bring their love for the show to an even higher level by bidding on sets pieces and props from the show that are currently being auctioned off on the website Screenbid. The auction runs until Oct. 5 and there are around 500 items up for bid, and some of these items are pretty iconic. 

So what kind of props are we talking about?

There are little, not-so-exciting items like Jim's desk lamp or Pam's mouse pad, but there are some goodies up for auction that will seriously make some "Office" fans' heads spin. 

There is a photocopy of the script to one of the show's best episodes ever, "Dinner Party," Pam's entire reception desk and a framed photo of Dwight's cousin, Mose. 

The auction even gets better with Michael's neon beer sign that Jan won't allow him to hang in the house, the pop art canvas of Jan that hangs in Michael's condo and Dwight's nunchucks. 

While it does seem a little ridiculous to pay hundreds of dollars for a Vance Refrigeration sign or Dwight's stapler -- which was was infamously cast in a jello mold -- you're taking home a piece of TV history, and that my friends, is priceless. 

To see the full list of items, click here. Just don't spend too much, you might have to declare bankruptcy like Michael. 


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