You won't believe what you can bet on at this year's Super Bowl

Do you know if Adam Levine will wear hat during halftime? Then place a bet!


So, are you a gambler who has ever wanted to bet on a scenario where a streaker takes the field?  

Or what color shoe Adam Levine will be wearing? 

Well, you are in luck and this year’s Super Bowl will be wagering heaven for you.

Whether it’s on which team wins the coin toss, which quarterback will throw for more yards, or even the location of Gladys Knight’s microphone when she sings the national anthem, you can try your luck at betting on seemingly every scenario imaginable.

A reported 31 percent of U.S. adults are expected to make bets for the Super Bowl, and 
here are just a few notable bets you can make during the big game, according to betonline.ag.

The bizarre

  • Where Gladys Knight’s microphone will be during the anthem (on mic stand, not on mic stand, or head set).
  • Will the team that calls heads or tails be correct during the coin toss.
  • Whether Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will have his hand on his heart during national anthem.
  • Will Adam Levine wear a hat at start of halftime show.
  • Color of liquid poured on winning coach (clear, yellow, red, blue, purple, green/lime, orange).
  • Donald Trump tweets (over/under 5). 
  •  If a streaker comes on to the field during the game, who tackles it first? (security, player, coach, referee, other).
  • Times CBS analyst Tony Romo says, ‘Here we go.’ (over/under 2.5).
  • Who will  the MVP mention first in speech after the game (God, teammates, coach, owner, fans, referees, family, none of the above).
  • What color shoe will Adam Levine wear during halftime show (white, black, blue, brown, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink).

Pregame bets

  • Coin toss.
  • Whether any member of the Pips will join Gladys Knight for the national anthem.
  • Will Gladys Knight omit a word from the national anthem.
  • Length of national anthem by Gladys Knight (over/under 1:50).
  • Which head coach will be shown first during national anthem, Sean McVay or Bill Belichick?

In-game bets

  • Whether Jared Goff or Tom Brady will have a rushing touchdown.
  • Will Jared Goff or Tom Brady throw for 400 yards or more.
  • Will there be a touchdown scored on a fourth-down play? 
  • Will Nickell Robey-Coleman, the player for the Rams who wasn’t called for pass interference on that controversial play against New Orleans, be called for pass interference?
  • Will combined Super Bowl record of 75 points be broken?

Broadcast bets

  • Will Tiger Woods be mentioned live during the broadcast?
  • Times Giselle Bundchen, Tom Brady’s wife, will be shown live during the broadcast (over/under 1.5).
  • Will Tom Brady be seen cursing live during the broadcast?
  • Will Bon Jovi be shown live during the broadcast. 
  • Will announcers Jim Nantz or Tony Romo mention the point spread during the game?
  • Will CBS show the Saints-Rams pass interference play?

Cross-sport bets

  • Will Tom Brady have more pass attempts than Rockets’ star James Harden will have points on Feb. 2?
  • What will be higher, the passing yards for Jared Goff or the amount in millions of baseball star Manny Machado’s next contract?
  • What will be higher, Villanova’s team points total on Feb. 3 vs. Georgetown or the receiving yards by the Rams leading wide receiver for the game?
  • What will be higher, the amount of total goals scored between the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals on Feb. 3 or the made field goals of Patriots kicker Stephen Gostowski?
  • What will be higher, the rushing yards of Rams running back Todd Gurley or the first round score of Tiger Woods at the Masters?

Commercial bets

  • Which commercial will appear first, Doritos or Pringles? 
  • How many commercials will run during the Super Bowl? (over/under 96-120). 
  • Which commercial will appear first, Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois, Michelob Ultra or Bon & Viv SpikedSeltzer?

Last but not least, don't think we forgot about odds on the Puppy Bowl! Team Ruff entered as a 2.5 favorite over Team Fluff as of Wednesday, but that line of course could change. 

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