The most memorable ads from the Super Bowl that people are still talking about


Some of us watch the Super Bowl for the actual football, some watch for the halftime performance and some watch just for the ads. After this year's Super Bowl, it looks like commercials were the true MVPs of the game. 

Here are some of the most memorable commercials. 

HBO/Bud Light

Isn't it fun to hear medieval people say "Dilly, dilly?" This commercial brings together two things that America loves: Bud Lght and "Game of Thrones." 


Burger King

Andy Warhol eating a Whopper in silence? Genius. 


Stella Artois

We're not fully convinced that Carrie Bradshaw would actually drink a Stella, but it was fun to see Sarah Jessica Parker play Bradshaw for just a commercial. "Sex and the City 3," anyone? 



This is a smart and funny play on servers asking "Is Pepsi OK?" when you naturally order a Coke at a restaurant. Steve Carell shows up, with last-minute cameos from Lil' Jon and Cardi B that make this commercial super fun. 


Bud Light

Bud Light pokes fun at its competitors for using corn syrup to brew their beer. Shots fired, indeed. That's two pretty good commercials from the beer kings. 



Car shopping can be awful, just like getting a root canal or going to a vegan dinner party. But with Hyundai, it's simple. 


Michelob Ultra

2019's newest trend is ASMR videos, and Michelob Ultra killed it with this commercial. Plus, Zoe Kravitz has a fantastic ASMR voice. 


Washington Post

It's a little strange to see a commercial for a newspaper at the Super Bowl, but these are strange times we are living in. The commercial does a fantastic job of showing just how long newspapers have been around covering facts and actual news. 



What happens when a bunch of famous NFL players get together and there's a football on the loose? This commercial, apparently. It also features Sam Gordon, who started the Utah's Girls Football League. 

What were your favorite commercials? Let us know below in the comments. 

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