Movie review: 'What Men Want' shines light on men's minds

Reading men's minds just got easier


JACKSONVILLE, Fl. – What Men Want  (R) 

Humor, sex and lots of thoughts make "What Men Want" a great movie that does all of the thinking for you.

Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson) has been successfully climbing up the ranks at a sports talent agency. It's time for management to choose the next partner. Davis thinks she's next, finds out someone voted against her. Davis is upset and wants to sign the next star athlete, with the goal of proving to everyone she should be the next partner. 

One night, Davis and her friends go out for drinks and get into a serious accident, but that accident gives her the superpower of reading men's minds. Will it be enough to help her land the next big deal? 

Check this movie out for a fun, entertaining, laugh out-loud time!


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