Cities across the U.S. to become a giant, interactive game of Clue

Clued Upp: Coming to a town near you?

Photo: cluedupp.com
Photo: cluedupp.com

Your choice: Do you want to solve the crime from your couch in your sweats? Binge-watching your favorite mystery on Netflix certainly seems enticing at times. Or would you rather hit the streets and solve the crime in real life?

Introducing a new game that’s coming to the United States, starting this weekend: CluedUpp, which turns cities into interactive Clue boards.

The game launched in the United Kingdom, but now it’s rolling out a list of 41 U.S. cities that will host CluedUpp.

Miami, by the way, is on the list: the event is set for Saturday, June 8.

Check the full schedule.

“CluedUpp is a brand-new city-wide murder mystery game that puts you in the shoes of a real-life detective,” the website reads. “Using our award-winning app, your team will hunt around your chosen town, tracking down virtual witnesses, eliminating suspects and ruling-out murder weapons."

"In true Cluedo-style, at the end of the game, you'll have ruled out everyone but the killer and his chosen weapon of choice. Some say it's a bit like Pokemon-go meets Cluedo, but will you be able to unveil the killer?”

It'll cost $46 for a team of up to six adults. The game encourages dressing up in 1920s-inspired attire, but we’ll leave that decision to you.

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