See 'The Big Bang Theory' from the beginning on Channel 4

The final episode of the Emmy-winning sitcom airs on Thursday evening


The series finale for “The Big Bang Theory” airs on Thursday, capping a wildly successful 12-season run, and we can only imagine fans are hyperventilating into their paper bags right now.

But it doesn’t take a theoretical physicist to figure out that the fun doesn’t stop when the final credits roll. 

In fact, starting on Monday, you can see the series from the beginning right here on Channel 4. We’ll be airing all the episodes in order every weeknight at 9 p.m., so don't forget to dibs your favorite spot on the couch and set your DVR.

You'll be able to catch up on all of your favorite moments with Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and the rest of the gang -- whether it’s Penny singing “Soft Kitty” to Sheldon or Howard getting into a shouting match with his overbearing mom.

And to celebrate this watchathon of sorts, we’ve compiled interviews with some of the cast. You’ll hear Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Kunal Nayyar (Raj), Simon Helberg (Howard) and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) share their most memorable moments from the series.

So now that you've had a peek behind the curtain, you might be wondering how the show will end. Well, for one thing, Thursday will be a special two-part series finale. And chances are your favorite character will get plenty of screen time. Beyond that, a lot has been kept under wraps, so stay tuned.

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